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  • FREE Internet Encyclopedia | The Help Desk | In The News
  • Margaret's Home Page (Working reference librarian's page)
  • Archie Gateway - Search for files available via anonymous FTP

    World Wide Web Tutorials/Internet for Beginners

  • The CyberLibrarian

    Science Fiction/Fantasy:

  • Fantastic Futures Books
  • Info-Alert Archive
  • Forthcoming Science Fiction | Margaret's Science Fiction and Fantasy Picks | The Anne McCaffrey List |
  • Science Fiction Page | Science Fiction on TV |
  • What's Happening Science Fiction Convention Calendar
  • Houston and/or Texas Science Fiction Organizations
  • Friends of Fandom Web Site
  • Starbase Houston WebSite
  • REVELcon Science Fiction Convention WebSite
  • GAZ (Generic Ad Zine) Home Page
  • In Memoriam: Joanne Burger

    Local Interest and Miscellaneous

  • Margaret's Houston/Texas Hotlist
  • Clif's Journal
  • William (Bill) Parker - Special Effects
  • Patricia F. Bushman, P.C. - Attorney
  • M. M. Moamrath
  • Barbara Bush Library at Cypress Creek

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