The reason the Internet was Invented (or something like that). This is the time and money (but mostly time) wasting hobby of one Clif Davis. Welcome to my little old radio station. How cool is that?

At the moment we're still setting things up. For right now there is something to listen to, but it may get a bit repetitive compared to later on. So take a listen to our skeleton and mark on your calendar to come back in a month or so and do a through check out of our programming line-up.

To listen to CAM-INFO Radio:

Use the flash player. (Click to turn it on and off).
It may take a minute to load up.

If that doesn't work, try an htm5 player ....

To play CAM-INFO RADIO on Winamp, VLC or a similar media player, you have to point it at our stream at (the stream may change from time to time so check back here if it doesn't work (next estimated change October 2016)). On my Android device I use the beta version of VLC, free at the google store.


24 hours Eclectic Music w some Original Music

Coming Soon --- Overnight Jazz
Coming Eventually --- News and SF commentary and reviews.

Program Notes:

Currently there are no program notes.